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Nameless - Lance Route  (walkthrough) - A guide to all memories.

Game has no stat raising and pretty straightforward, so It is really difficult to fail character’s route. What are you reading right now is more like guide to fill Memories in Extra section of menu. There are four parts: common route and three endings. On common route you choose one to pursue. I don’t know if result of exams matters, so will leave it as in my playthrough. It worked for me, It’ll work for you.

Common Route or How to get Lance Interested?

  • Go to school with Lance.
  • Approach Yeonho.
  • Go to corner and eat there.
  • Save Lance.
  • There is a Candied Lemon Tea.
  • Suggest joining the student government to Lance.
  • Follow the cat.
  • Catch my breath for a while.

Happy Ending or How To Melt Ice By Body Warm?

  • Create SAVE1 (before next choice)
  • Do not fail exams.
  • Approach Lance.
  • Follow Lance.
  • I’m thinking of going to the resting area.
  • Give him a spoon of ice cream.
  • Force the ice cream into his mouth.
  • Call Lance.
  • Don’t say that!
  • That’s a bit…
  • I should ask Lance for advice.
  • Quietly listen to what he has to say.
  • Create SAVE2 (before next choice)
  • Say I’m fine.
  • Tell him there won’t be a kiss during the rehearsals.
  • It’s a place with my memories. I want to leave it as it is.
  • Honestly, I am a bit scared.

Bad End 1 or I smell yandere in the mist!

  • Load SAVE1.
  • Fail exams.
  • Ignore him.
  • Go back to the classroom.
  • I’m thinking of going to the resting area.
  • Eat by myself.
  • Do not call Lance.
  • That’s probably true.
  • Alright.
  • Whatever happens happens.
  • Ask him what happened.
  • Say I’m fine.
  • Pretend I didn’t hear his sigh.
  • Don’t say it about grandpa!
  • Won’t it be fine? Nothing will happen.

Bad End 2 or You’ve overreacted, pal!

  • Load SAVE2.
  • Stand up and Look at Lance.

Basically, that’s all. After that you’ll got all CG, all memories and 2 pages from characters’ diaries. Congratulations!

PS. Copy, repost, do whatever you like with this little guide.

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