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60 Days of Voltage ⇨ [ Day: 1 / 60 ]; Favorite Guy

↳ Jinpachi Yushima, Serendipity Next Door

"I mean, the reason I even came to this school is because I saw his acting." - Kashima Yuu

so  n o  m o r e  farewell kisses.
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Adorable Nozaki Umetarou | Not to brag, but I’m the man who’s been called the “spokesman for girls’ hearts”

Whether its a cursed past or a cursed future. We, the Yorozuya, will always be there.

Dandelion is now on Steam!



Dandelion - Wishes brought to you - has finally been released on Steam.  If you bought Dandelion through Cheritz’s store, then you can receive a free Steam key.  The demo is available here.


Dandy Shot (Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter) Drama CDs Covers

As stated in my previous post where I translated an ad for the serie, the game Pub Encounter has 3 Drama CDs. The premise is that you enter the bar and have two oji-samas competing for your attention, with a fluffy date with each of them. The serie use the dummy mic. ^_^

Vol. 1 Company President VS Romance Novelist

Enjoy a date with Ryonusuke Yuze, a 41 years old company president, as he takes you to a fancy restaurant to eat dessert (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) or 51 years old romance novelist Yorahisa Hodo for a drive through town at night (CV: Kosugi Jyurota). 

Vol. 2 Lawyer VS Bartender

Enjoy a date with Mamoru Arashiro, a 43 years old lawyer as he takes you shopping for luxury clothing (CV: Rikiya Koyama) or 60 years old bartender Soichiro Toyoizumi for wine tasting (CV: Horiuchi Ken’yu).

Vol. 3 Detective VS Surgeon

Enjoy a date with Hideaki Kodama, a 46 years old policeman as he takes you to the amusement park (CV:Toshihiko Seki) or 47 years old surgeon Domeki Haruomi (not featured in the game)  for a visit to a membership-only salon (CV: Fujiwara Keiji).

Available to buy on here


Gyakuten Yoshiwara PSVita Wallpapers
New Game - Forbidden Romance:Pub Encounter



Oh old bloody gods of a passionate love! Yes, finally, a romance with a sweet oyaji/old men. So happy right now.

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